DXC-IT4IT transformed IT

IT4IT Whitepaper - Rapidly respond to legal, regulatory and political shifts with transformed IT

With ever-changing legal and regulatory frameworks on their plates, it’s easy to see why public sector IT employees are often forced to focus on delivering in the present, rather than delivering better and faster in future. Within that context, it can be tough to generate internal organizational support for investing in a full-scale IT transformation, even if it’s the surest path to a secure, compliant and future-proof way ahead. This whitepaper outlines DXC’s proven, step-by-step approach to successful public sector IT transformations with IT4IT.

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DXC-IT4IT streamlining IT

IT4IT Whitepaper - Streamlining IT to meet the public sector’s modern business demands

This whitepaper covers tips and tactics for transforming public sector IT in proven, practical and manageable steps. Unify your IT organization with IT4IT’s proven step-by-step approach. To keep pace with business demands, as well as ensure compliance with legal and regulatory changes, public sector IT organizations can benefit from modernizing their IT landscapes.

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IT4IT Whitepaper - Increasing the value and unity of your IT department

This whitepaper outlines the roadmap for transforming your patchwork legacy systems into unified, agile IT. With IT4IT, your business can identify critical value drainers while bolstering the transparency and accountability modern business demands. It’s your path to a data-driven transformation blueprint, mapping tailored transformational goals.

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SIAM Whitepaper - Move to multi-sourcing harmony with SIAM

Multi-sourcing is inherently challenging - but harmony is possible with SIAM. Here, we dive into the details of common multi-sourcing pain points and discover how SIAM can revolutionise your multi-sourcing landscape. Integration and Management: the keys to transforming your multi-vendor landscape from segregated silos into a well-oiled machine.
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IT transformation whitepaper - Why it's time to guide your organisation through an IT-transformation

Concerned an IT transformation will disrupt your business flow? Find out how to adopt a seamless, integrated approach, enabling your business to maintain stability while sparking ongoing innovation. Discover key mistakes to avoid in transformational IT strategies, priming your business to uncover fresh potential with future-proofed IT systems.
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IT4IT Whitepaper - Foundation for the digital enterprise

Prime your IT organisation to shape the future of digital transformation with IT4IT. This core standard lays out essentials for optimised IT management across supplier-customer relationships, enabling foolproof deployment of the new IT. Discover comprehensive solutions to manage your IT service offering, accelerating delivery and streamlining costs.

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SIAM Whitepaper - "A pragmatic approach"

SIAM is an essential component of streamlining multi-vendor outsourcing environments. Yet roll-out is complex: process maturity and employee capability must be primed for success. Here, we outline gradual implementation of a mature SIAM framework, from limited processes to a more developed strategy. It’s your SIAM deployment in action, step by step.
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GDPR Whitepaper - Protecting privacy for a succesful digital strategy

Protecting personal data is a vital component of success in digital transformation - we need to foster commitment, not just compliance. This whitepaper unpacks the lessons learned from the introduction of the GDPR and novel challenges surrounding data protection, as well as examining automation as a solution for privacy and security management.
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GRC Whitepaper - A treasure of Public Compliance

Cybercrime is a fact of modern life, with data security and privacy protection high on the social agenda. GRC is a valuable ally in facing these challenges, enabling public institutions to embody the security standards the general public expects. Adopt GRC to cultivate the preparedness, reliability and transparency so vital to maintaining public trust.
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AIOps Whitepaper - Improve IT service management with AIOps

AIOps: the solution to dealing with the tsunami of digital information your IT organisation faces on a daily basis. Dive into the inside take on AIOps and the benefits it can bring to your business, from upscaling automation and improving IT service management to gaining a clarified overview of complex networks and facilitating customer support.
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DXC - Employee experience

Whitepaper: Enhanced employee experience: the key to a succesful workspace

In today’s working world, prioritizing employee experience isn’t an optional luxury. It’s key for long-term success, paving the way for your organization to remain competitive and attract top talent.  In this whitepaper you explore the whys and hows of enhancing employee experience — and how ServiceNow can help.

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