With ServiceNow and Fruition Partners, PWC implemented a future-proof application for recording any IT service report, for example on workplace management, connecting printers, allocating rights and dealing with staff joining and leaving the firm.

PwC – Future proof with ServiceNow

“With ServiceNow, PWC has a future-proof application in house, which the organisation uses to record every IT service report.”

Ronald HunseManager Customer Services

ServiceNow implementation

At PwC the Netherlands, 5,500 employees are at work in 17 different offices, offering sector-specific services in Assurance, Tax and Advisory. Any changes to the organisation’s IT go through the helpdesk. The support Service Management tool that was being used for the helpdesk was in need of replacement. ServiceNow, implemented by Fruition Partners, is a very capable successor in this function.

Future proof application

When support for the tool that PwC used for its Helpdesk Management expired, there was no longer internal knowledge of it in house. In addition, the connection of support services from departments such as Finance and HR had proved difficult. That was reason enough to investigate another package, according to Ronald Hunse, Manager of Customer Services at PwC: “Along with that, we wanted a future proof application that didn’t need to be reinstalled every three years. For that reason, we chose a SaaS solution. Furthermore, we wanted to build up our own experience with this phenomenon in the IT department. Another advantage of a SaaS solution is that you only pay a licensing fee for those who actually work with the package.” In the selection process, Fruition Partners made an impression with their ServiceNow demonstration. Hunse: “During a demonstration, our requests were configured on site by the Fruition Partners consultant, so that we could see the results immediately. Other agents told us that they could probably do this too, but that it would take longer.”

Tool Management by Fruition Partners

PwC registers every report of an IT service in ServiceNow, including workplace management, printer connections, assignment of rights, and setup of in and out of the office announcements. “Widespread availability of the tool is therefore a must”, says Taco Dols, PwC’s Project Leader for the ServiceNow implementation. Because PwC has contracted the management of the tool out to Fruition Partners, the company does not need to train its employees. “150 active PwC users are currently working with the tool. We don’t pay any licensing fees for the 5500 end users who submit their requests via the portal. If the PwC branches in other countries are to begin to work with this technology in the near future, they too will pay only for the active users.”

Small ERP Package

Getting the technology up and running went quickly and smoothly. From the start, the greatest challenge was creating a complete service catalog in which the end users request products and services through a portal. Dols: “Defining the approximately 200 services required quite a bit of attention. Further, Fruition Partners installed a purchasing module on the same ServiceNow platform. Now, when we request a printer, for example, a purchase order is generated immediately. Actually, now it’s a kind of a small ERP Package”, adds Hunse. “In comparison with what we’re now doing with ServiceNow, in the old situation we used eight tools. What’s great is that this piece of custom work for PwC’s service catalog and purchasing may be adopted in the future as a standard feature of ServiceNow. That’s because they are open to good ideas.”

Pleasure working with

Hunse has come to know Fruition Partners as a professional group with clear insight into and anticipation of PwC’s needs. It has been a pleasure working with them. “They are pragmatic and you don’t get the feeling that you’re working with an outside party. During the implementation, there have been a few small differences of opinion, but we’ve kept the lines of communication open and have quickly identified workable solutions. Other companies are welcome to come and see how ServiceNow is functioning for our company.”

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