As employees start making their way back to the office, facility managers face the unprecedented challenge of navigating new measures and ways of working.
The FMA app – our Integrated Workplace Management System – is here to help:

  • Takes distance compliance off your hands
  • Plug-and-play solution that’s quick and easy to implement
  • Get your workplace back up and running safely and sustainably
  • Be ready for re-boarding within a few weeks

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Watch the video below to learn more about the app. 

Video FMA app


Features and benefits of the FMA app 

Implement workspace reservation 

Facility managers can automatically remove workspaces from use in the back end, to ensure distancing regulations are met. It’s also possible to appoint particular workspaces to a group of users or a department, so only they can reserve it. From the back-office environment, it’s easy to see if or when the workplace has reached compliant capacity. End users can easily make last minute or recurrent workspace bookings from home via their mobile or laptop. 

Gather insights on the impact of COVID-19 

The sudden shift and adaptation to home-working - and the forthcoming implementation of distancing regulations and shift work - is likely to impact organisational cultures and workplace concepts in the long-term. FMA delivers you insights on workplace capacity and usage to help you understand this impact. 

Build a business case and drive ROI  

With these real-time insights at your fingertips you can accurately capture the new reality for your organisation and build a strong business case for any future reduction of your office spaces in a controlled way. Investing in this solution now will therefore save you significant cost in the long run. 

Increase employee productivity  

Adapting the ways of working to best fit both the needs of your business and your employees will drive engagement. Whether it results in implementing a 4-day work week or allocating home-working days, giving employees concentrated time for dedicated focus will increase productivity dramaticallyOur system will help to give you the right strategic insights. 

Other features of the FMA app include: 

  • Order management 
  • Visitor registration and parking management 
  • Floor plan designer 
  • Contract management 
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Asset management 
  • Real-estate management 
  • Outlook integration 
  • Project management 

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